Cat Litter Scoop – Reviews and How-to’s!

Cat Litter Scoop – Reviews and How-to’s!

Best cat litter scoops

Welcome to our complete in-depth guide to picking the right cat litter scoop! From simple scoops to high tech solutions – we help you choose the best cat litter scoop for your kitty.

Kitties…..we love ‘em. Kitty litter….not quite so much.

But as with any living being, what goes in must come out, and our furry feline companions are no exception to this rule.

Of course, as with everything you do for your precious cat, you want to pick the best: the best kitty litter box, the best kitty litter, and the best kitty litter scooper.

In this article we dig in (literally) to the topic of the best cat litter scoop options. So you can pick the cat poop scoop that perfectly matches your feline family member’s personal needs.

When your cat has to go

First, let’s just take a moment – especially if you are a first-time kitty owner – to talk about basic cat hygiene habits.

Unless you count freshwater fish (which the average pet cat is typically all too happy to dispose of for you), cats are the most popular pets in the world.

Current estimates indicate there may be as many as 88.3 million cats cohabiting with cat-loving humans like you all around the globe at this very moment!

That is a lot of cats. And a LOT of kitty litter.

Best cat litter scoopsAnd here’s a fun fact to share with your dog-loving friends – there are more pet cats than there are pet dogs. Perhaps the cat’s reputation for meticulous hygiene habits has something to do with this – only a few dog breeds even come close to the average housecat’s passion for personal grooming.

Your cat will groom every inch of herself daily – taking half the day to do so if necessary. In contrast, most dogs will focus solely on paws and privates and then call it a day.

When it comes to taking care of business, where a dog’s motto tends to be “anyplace, anytime,” cats like privacy. They like it so much they will even use their kitty litter to cover up the evidence, so to speak.

Cat Litter Boxes

Like people, cats each want their own personal litter box all to themselves. Having to share the box with another household feline is the emotional equivalent of having to use a toilet stall with no door out in public….while someone else tries to crowd in and sit on the seat with you.

If the litter box becomes stinky or dirty, your cat has the same reaction you do when you see an un-flushed toilet. Yuck. Let’s not go there. We’ll find someplace else. [So if you suddenly start finding “surprises” in other areas in your home, you may be able to trace this behavior back to an unkempt or shared litter box.]

Ultimately, your cat will be as clean as his home environment permits him to be. So if you love the idea of a clean, odor-free, accident-free, happy, furry housemate, you will definitely want to make sure to keep the litter box as clean as possible!

What is a cat litter scoop?

If you have ever visited a thrift store, you may have experienced that magical moment when you come across an item so unique, so intriguing, so utterly un-identifiable to you that you can’t help but think, “What is it?”

For the new cat owner who is attempting to choose between the wealth of litter scoop options available today, the experience can be somewhat similar. How on earth are you supposed to select just one single pet scoop when they all seem so different?

Here, it is critical to remember that, at least when it comes to a kitty litter scoop, simpler is often better.

In other words, your cat litter scoop has one basic job to do: to scoop poop. As long as it does that one job and does it well, you can feel good about any cat scooper you choose.

Best cat litter scoop

Our modern culture is obsessed with finding “the best.”

The best home, automobile, retirement account, mobile phone. Even the best cheesecake.

In this “best of the best” environment where even highly trained veterinarians engage in lengthy ongoing debate about the best kitty litter (clumping or non-clumping, anyone?), it won’t be a surprise to learn that even the lowly litter box scooper is not immune from the endless quest to be the best.

But here, what you need to focus in on is not finding “the best” cat poop scooper, but finding the best scooper for your needs.

Top Three Requirements For The Best Litter Scoop

The best litter scoop for your needs will successfully factor in each of these elements:

Where your kitty litter box is located and how accessible it is for cleaning.

Here, you will want to look at the benefits of long versus short handles, big versus small holes, wide versus narrow scoop buckets, shallow versus deep scoop buckets and similar other logistical issues.

Maintenance costs.

Believe it or not, some of the cat litter scoops you will meet in this article can be pretty high tech! But this can also mean buying batteries or troubleshooting poor performance. Is it worth the extra work? Only you can decide.


When not in use, where and how will you store your new litter scoop? Does it come with a handy cat litter scoop holder to make storage a cinch? Is it an odd shape, size, height or width that won’t fit easily into a less visible location?

Here, it can be worth it to take some measurements of both the scooper and the proposed storage site to be sure you have a match before you push that all-important “place order” button.

Waste control.

Finally, you want to make sure that your new litter lifter scoop lifts out soiled litter and cat poop and leaves behind litter that is still usable. Otherwise, you will be wasting perfectly good kitty litter with every scoop!

Meet the next generation cat litter scoop

Ah yes. Do you find the chore of manually sifting out the good litter too challenging for words?

Is the feline contingent of your family reproducing at record speed, with newfound management challenges arising both from outside and within the litter box?

Or is your inner interior designer bored beyond belief with such utilitarian-appearing scooper/holder sets?

Today’s cat litter scoops have a solution for you – pretty much no matter what your particular issue may be.

Here are a few particularly innovative scoopers that are worth a look, if only for their novelty factor!

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Check out the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box.

Cat litter scoop automatic box

Fancy in all-in-one kitty litter box-n-scoop solution? Pet Zone has one, and it is pretty nifty! This self-cleaning “rugged and reliable” smart litter box does it all, without wasting still-usable clean litter.

Smart Scoop Scoop-N-Sift

What about the Smart Scoop Scoop-N-Sift?

This innovative design works best with the clumping kind of kitty litter. One side is solid (for scooping wet litter) and the other has slots to allow still-clean litter to fall back through.

Basic Look, New Design

Van Ness Eco Litter Scoop.

Take a look at Van Ness Eco Litter Scoop.

Eco cat litter scoop

Kitty poop is biodegradable, so why shouldn’t your cat litter scoop boast the same? This eco-friendly litter scoop is made from 100 percent plant-based materials. It gets its tan coloration from soy-based ink.

It is naturally odor and stain resistant. Best of all, when it has outlived its usefulness, this scooper will degrade naturally in your compost pile!

Galan Enterprise So Cute Cat Large Sifter

Check out the Galan Enterprise So Cute Cat Large Sifter.

cute cat litter scoop
It doesn’t get much cuter than a cat face with a cat tail for the handle. This simple plastic kitty litter scoop also makes a great welcome gift for those “new pet shower parties” that are becoming so popular in many pet lover circles today.

Pioneer Pet Big Mouth Scoop

Or how abou the Pioneer Pet Big Mouth Scoop.

big mouth cat litter scoop

In one of modern language’s stranger choices, apparently a group of cats is called a “clowder.”

If your clowder is producing more, um, output than your small scooper can keep up with, this Big Mouth scoop is standing at the ready to take on the biggest scooping jobs!

Metal cat litter scoop

The plastic versus metal kitty litter scoop debate is nearly as old as the pet cat versus pet dog debate. Cat lovers can have surprisingly strong opinions on which type of scooper is better and why, as this Reddit thread highlights.

The metal scooper lovers camp in particular makes some compelling arguments to switch:

Lower chance of trapped bacteria.

Over time, wear and tear can begin to create grooves and cracks in plastic scoops. These scoops can then trap toxic micro-particles of cat waste matter, creating the potential for infection in humans and felines alike.

Little to no smell residue.

A metal litter scoop is easier to clean and sanitize than a plastic scoop for two key reasons: it will not retain any chemical soap smell (which to your unhappy cat smells exactly like urine from an un-cleaned litter box) and it will not retain cat waste odors.

More durable over time.

Any item made of metal is often simply more durable than that same item made of plastic. This is important both for deep cleaning needs and for the longest useful life.

Contrary to popular assumption, you don’t actually need to spend a lot more to get a high quality metal litter scoop than you would for the equivalent plastic litter scoop. This even holds true for that gold standard of cat scoops, the metal cat litter scoop stainless steel.

Best Metal Cat Litter Scoops

These four and five-star metal cat scoops earn rave reviews for their budget price tag:

Duranimals DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop

Check out the Duranimals DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop.

cat litter scoop duranimals durascoop

This scooper is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum metal. The sides are gently curved to resist “litter scatter,” and the handle is designed with your comfort in mind.

Endurance Stainless Steel Cat Liter Box Poop Scoop Kitty Litter Boxes Scooper

Or how about the Endurance Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box Poop Scoop Kitty Litter Boxes Scooper.

metal cat litter scoop

Stainless steel from tip to toe, this scooper’s name says it all – endurance. Pet owners state it won’t bend even when encountering entrenched clumped litter. It also has a handy hole for hanging.

Primio Sifter with Deep Shovel

Another great choice is the iPrimio Sifter with Deep Shovel.

deep cat litter scoop

An aluminum scooper coated in reinforcing Teflon – what could be better? The handle is designed with ergonomics in mind and the traditionally fragile front edge is bolstered and tapered for easy cleaning even for really tough jobs.

Long handle cat litter scoop

Depending on how much personal privacy your kitty demands, you may find that a short-handled cat litter scoop just won’t cut it. Here, what you need is a long handled litter scoop that will easily reach where most of you cannot go.

Another advantage of choosing a long handled litter scoop is that there is more distance between you and the litter dust that often kicks up during the cleaning process. This can save you from respiratory irritation and possible infection as well as protect your back and arms from heavy lifting.

Imperial Cat Neat ‘n Tidy

Another popular choice is the Imperial Cat Neat ‘n Tidy Heavy Duty Litter Scoop.

long handle cat litter scoop

Long handled, heavy duty, with a special comfort-centric vinyl coated handle, this economical scoop will save your back and your strength.

Sand Dipper Jr Long Handle Cat Litter Scoop

The Sand Dipper Jr. Long Handle Back Saver Cat Litter Scoop comes in several sizes of up to 27 inches long to accommodate different cat litter box setups.

long handled cat litter scoop

It also comes with a one-year warranty – a rarity in the litter scoop market.

Kitty Kaddy No Stoop Litter Scoop

Fed up with bending down to scoop up? Then check out the KittyKaddy No Stoop Litter Scoop.

long handle cat litter scoop

Made out of durable polymer with a whopping 30-inch-long back-saving handle, the attractive blue scooper bucket and economical price tag seem like extra attractive perks for this litter scoop.

As a bonus for stateside cat lovers, this scoop is 100 percent Made in America.

Cat litter scoop with small holes

Just when you thought cat lovers had run out of topics for debate, we come to the heated subject of big holes versus small holes.

In other words, which type of cat litter scoop bucket design works better? Should you get a cat litter scoop with big holes or small holes?

This, as you might imagine, chiefly hinges on three factors: how frequently you clean, what type of litter (clumping or non-clumping) you use and the average size of your pet cat’s, er, load.

Or you could just get this scoop, which claims to have eliminated any further need to wrestle with issues of scooper hole size:

Litter Lifter Cat Scoop

The Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop has patented parallel triangular scoop tines.

small holes cat litter scoop

This lifter states that its design makes it impossible to pick up anything other than clumped, dirty litter. Since it also features an ergonomic arthritis-friendly handle and requires no shaking, produces less dust and comes in a variety of attractive colors, it surely is worthy of consideration.

Here are two other equally unique options to choose from:

SatisPet Cat Litter Scoop

The SatisPet Cat Litter Scoop.

cat litter scoops

This scooper comes in two sizes: standard and jumbo. The standard size has rectangular holes and the jumbo size has circular holes. If you are not sure yet what scoop type may be best for permanent use, the budget price tag can make this scooper a handy temporary fix while you decide.

Which Cat Litter Scoop Will You Choose?

When you love your cat, every little tiny detail matters. You want your purrfect feline sidekick to have the best of everything – the tastiest treats, the most nutritious dinners, the softest and comfiest bedding and, of course, the most private and squeaky clean litter box.

It is totally normal and natural to have to try on a few different cat litter scoops for size at first before you find the perfect match for your cat’s habits and your cleaning needs.

For this reason, it can be a smart move to start with budget scoops until you have gathered sufficient information to make a permanent choice.

As a side bonus, if you try out a scoop that doesn’t end up being a long-term fit, you can always donate it to a cat shelter to help a rescued kitty enjoy a cleaner, happier life.

For now, happy scooping!

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